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Shirat Hayam - They're playing our song!

Shirat Hayam: They’re playing our song!

Shirat Hayam connects us to a collective memory and is the proof-text that enlarges, extends, and authenticates the meaning of the prayer. 
Why I Change the Melodies: Exploring Keva and Kavanah

Why I Change the Melodies: Exploring Keva and Kavanah

By occasionally changing melodies, we draw from both Keva and Kavanah and invite ourselves into a deeper connection with our prayers.

The Song of Deborah and All That Jazz

Rethinking the Tanakh as a Musical and the Song of Deborah as one of the major musical numbers invites to reflect differently.

Study Guide: Two Ends of a Stick

Moses is instructed to strike the stone as a water source with a rod because the Israelites are thirsty. What else did this rod do?
Make the Bitter Sweet

Make the Bitter Sweet

Just three days after escaping Egypt, the Israelites find themselves in the desert with no water, causing spiritual crises.