A Note on the Exploring Judaism Calendar

There is a contemporary Jewish community with its own religious calendar that marks observances unique to their community, from the birthdays of their leaders to …

Exploring Judaism’s Philosophy of Transliteration

People have feelings about transliteration. We want to share our philosophy on transliteration and why we transliterate the way we do.

When Can a Passover Seder Start Early?

When Can a Passover Seder Start Early? Other Festivals?

When is the earliest time that we can begin observing Jewish festivals, on first or second day of Yom Tov, in particular, the Passover seder?

A Guide To Your First Passover Seder

A Guide To Hosting Your First Passover Seder

It can be daunting to prepare for your first seder. We’ve put together a collection of great posts that will help you get started.

Our 2022 Journey

Exploring Judaism has come a long way in just over eight months, and we think there is much to be proud of.

Announcement: We’re making friends!

You’ve got a friend. Maybe children have the right idea. Why do most of us outgrow the comfort of asking someone to be our friend? …

Four-Month Reflection on our Progress

Hello Explorers! As we approach Elul and the reflective season, we’ve been doing the same here at Exploring Judaism. It has been just about four …

Blurry image of a havdalah set with a hand reflecting off of the candle with the words: Super Simple Guide: How to do Havdalah

Super Simple Guide: How to Do Havdalah

This is a super simple guide on how to do the ritual of Havdalah including the blessings in Hebrew, English, and Transliteration.

Blurry image of a stethoscope with the words: What does Conservative Judaism say about Abortion

What does Conservative Judaism say about Abortion?

There are different sources, published by the Rabbinical Assembly, that express Conservative Judaism’s approach to abortion.

Super Simple Guide: How to Count the Omer

Super Simple Guide: How to Count the Omer

Counting the omer is an accessible mitzvah, commandment, that each of us can do. Here you will find the simple instructions on how to do it.