• Cantor Sharon Citrin Goldstein

    Cantor Sharon Citrin Goldstein has expressed her creative passions as an educator, entrepreneur, and synagogue leader. For nearly two decades, she directed the Anti-Defamation League’s antisemitism programs in Connecticut empowering students and adults to confront the world’s longest hatred. Her stories on family and ancestry have been published by Moment Magazine,, Ancestor Strong, Immigrant Dreams, and Tell Your Story Challenge of West Palm Beach where she was a short-story finalist. Her book about an untold hero of the Treblinka death camp revolt will be released in 2024. Sharon enjoys endless summers between Florida and Connecticut with her husband Paul.

Shirat Hayam - They're playing our song!

Shirat Hayam: They’re playing our song!

Shirat Hayam connects us to a collective memory and is the proof-text that enlarges, extends, and authenticates the meaning of the prayer.