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How I Dip Maror In Charoset

How I Dip Maror in Charoset

Wrapping and dipping maror in charoset at Seder can be part of a family tradition. Explore this one to add more to your own Seder ...
B'khol Dor Vador In Every Generation

B’khol Dor Vador—In Every Generation

What does "b'khol dor vador—in every generation" mean in light of the events of October 7? How does this connect us to Passover?
The Living Room Seder

The Living Room Seder

Hosting a living room Seder can allow us to experience a Seder closer to the way that the rabbis thought of it.
All Who Are Hungry and In Need Come Eat

All Who Are Hungry and In Need, Come Celebrate Pesach

Through the seder, we learn the importance of hospitality and inviting all who are hungry and in need, to come celebrate Pesach.
Being a Conservative Jew in Jerusalem

A Conservative Jew in Jerusalem

What is it like being a Conservative Jew in Jerusalem and how do we understand the holiness of the holiest place in the world?
Elevating in Sanctity

Elevating in Sanctity

Elevating in sanctity the celebration of Hanukah, means lighting one more candle each night. What else can we learn from this?
Ensuring the Wall Stands Firm

Ensuring the Wall Stands Firm

Tishah B'av reminds us to "be active, even proactive," to ensure the walls of our lives stand firm, just as our ancestors did.

What is a Kippah?

There is a wide range of specific customs related to the issue of covering the head, including what to cover it with.

Bar, Bat and B. Mitzvah – Where did it Come From and Where is it Going?

B'nei Mitzvot are one of today’s best known Jewish milestones, marking coming of age as an “adult” and responsibility for one’s own actions. 
Why I Love Hamentaschen

Why I Love Hamentaschen

Making hamentaschen has been a powerful tradition for me throughout my entire life and brings me tremendous joy.