Author: Rabbi Dr. J.B. Sacks

  • Rabbi Dr. J.B. Sacks (he/him) is the Education and Curriculum Specialist for Stories of Music Project at UCLA and serves as spiritual leader of Congregation Am HaYam (Ventura). The first openly LGBTQ+ rabbi in the Conservative Movement, Rabbi Sacks is an advocate for inclusion in Jewish life and social justice. His most recent publication is Psalms in the Key of Healing. Rabbi Sacks is the eighteenth generation of rabbis on his mother’s side and lives with his husband Steven Karash in Palm Desert, California. They have an adult son, Evan.

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An En-Dairying Holiday: The Custom of Enjoying Milk Meals on Shavuot

While the original reason for consuming milk meals on Shavuot has likely been lost, many theories and interpretations remain.

Yachatz Brokenness and Wholeness

Yachatz: Brokenness and Wholeness

One explanation offered by the Sages for Yachatz in the seder is that it helps promote making the world less broken, if not completely whole.

Purim: Embracing the Unconventional

Purim celebrates unexpected heroes as role models. Those heroes, Esther and Mordechai encourage us to be our full selves.