• Hazzan Sara Geffen Geller

    Sara Geller has served Conservative congregations since 1992. She received her Commission from the Cantors Assembly in 2002. She has lived in New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, and South Carolina. Hazzan Geller sits on the Cantors Assembly Executive Council and the Antiracism Subcommittee of the RA/USCJ Commission on Social Justice.

How I Dip Maror In Charoset

How I Dip Maror in Charoset

Wrapping and dipping maror in charoset at Seder can be part of a family tradition. Explore this one to add more to your own Seder ...
Why We Cover Challah at the Shabbat Table

Why We Cover Challah at the Shabbat Table

Why we cover Challah at the Shabbat table can be found when we learn about manna and the seven species of Israel.
The Discomfort of Yom Kippur

The Discomfort of Yom Kippur

As we discuss our traditions and requirements on Yom Kippur, we encounter discomforts that allow us to think about the past year.

Shlach Lecha: Learning Inclusion from the Scouts

As God commanded Moses to include Caleb and Joshua, we can imagine the same command applies to us. We can seek to include people.