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Parashat Metzora Hafatarh: Zealous Duo

Zealous Duo

This final Shabbat before Pesach, Shabbat HaGadol, our haftarah positions us, juxtaposing Moses with the future coming of Elijah.
Parashat Ki Tissa Haftarah: Hopping Between Two Branches

Hopping Between Two Branches

This week's Haftarah parallels the parashah's discussion on God. The Israelites face more attractive gods but return to God, in the end.
What is a Brit Milah, Jewish Ritual Circumcision?

What is a Brit Milah: Jewish Ritual Circumcision?

Brit Milah refers to the covenant of circumcision, both the ritual act and the festive occasion surrounding a baby boy’s circumcision.
Blurry image of havdalah set with the words: Havdalah: An Overview

Havdalah: An Overview

Havdalah, the concluding ceremony for Shabbat, serves as a dramatic reminder of the beauty and emotional power of Judaism.
Image of a seder plate with the words The Seder an overview

The Seder: An Overview

The Passover seder is the cumulative result of untold generations of Jews telling the same story, the Exodus from Egypt.