Four-Month Reflection on our Progress

Hello Explorers!

As we approach Elul and the reflective season, we’ve been doing the same here at Exploring Judaism. It has been just about four months since we launched and we’re excited to share our progress with you and more of our vision.

Here’s our progress (in terms of numbers):

  • 90+ articles ranging from holidays to prayer to tzedakah
  • 50+ authors
  • 12,000+ users exploring Judaism on the website
  • 32,000+ views on the website
  • With a total of 150,000+ impressions across all platforms
  • We reach an average of 1100+ impressions a day

Greater than that, we are excited about making progress on creating a home online for Conservative Judaism. Sufficed to say, we’re incredibly proud of the community we’re building with you.

And this is only the beginning.

We have so much more Torah we want to add to the website and are balancing our desires to do all that we can do with our capacity as a new project.

It is our vision to be one of the central places to find information on Judaism.

We seek to help people find explainers on subjects they wish to learn more about, practical guides on how to observe Judaism, and reflections on how to make life more meaningful.

In addition to attracting more authors for this project, we are working on bringing new life to past work that has not found its way on the internet or has been lost to time. We do this while trying to balance our desire to have the website reflect the diversity of Conservative Jews.

As we approach the new Jewish year, we are going to be focusing on:

  • High Holiday content
  • Weekly Torah portion content
  • More practical guides
  • More authors talking about more subjects
  • Growing our team and capacity
  • Building partnerships across the Conservative/Masorti world
  • Exploring ways to support online creators on TikTok and other platforms

In our long-term visioning, we see podcasts, Youtube videos, books, and many more ways of learning and connecting.

We aren’t there yet, but we have big goals.



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