What is Exploring Judaism?

Exploring Judaism is the digital home for Conservative/Masorti Judaism.

Exploring Judaism is the home for Torah that embraces the beauty and complexity of Judaism, and our personal search for meaning and learning. There is always something to learn and explore.

Exploring Judaism seeks to help people find explainers on subjects they wish to learn more about, practical guides on how to observe Judaism, and reflections on how to make life more meaningful.

Our approach is rooted in Conservative/Masorti Judaism and in the ideas that Judaism grows with us, that we’re guided by process, and that there is beauty in the balance.

Image of a mezuzah and the words: Why should I put up a mezuzah?

Why should I put up a mezuzah?

Putting up a mezuzah is a millennia-old public expression of Jewish identity: a meaningful way to mark liminal times in our lives and homes.

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Embracing a Kosher Lifestyle

As kashrut becomes part of our lives, it feels less like a burden and more like something to observe not just at home, but in ...
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Prayer for Israel

Rabbis Nicole Guzik and Erez Sherman offer a prayer for Israel. This was first offered at a vigil on October 8th, 2023.
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Yahrzeit: The Jewish Anniversary of Someone’s Death

Yahrzeit should be a day given over to remembering and honoring an individual for whom one once sat shivah and is learning to live without.
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Eating in Non-Kosher Restaurants

A hallmark of Conservative Jewish practice has been the understanding that it is possible to eat in non-Kosher restaurants responsibly.
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