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Jerusalem's Temple Mount - at sunset

The Right Time for Atheism

The story of Avraham is full of tragedy but also the great gift of speaking truth to power and knowing when not to believe.

The Torah of the Summer Barbecue

Summer barbecues are great for relaxation and rejuvenation, and an opportunity to extend and receive hospitality like Abraham and Sarah.
Passing it on

Passing it on

In Vayera's haftarah, we read the story of Elisha and a big deal woman in Shunem reflecting three different models of hospitality.
A Laugh That Hurts in The Belly

Study Guide: A Laugh That Hurts in The Belly

Study Guide: What really happened when the angels visited Abraham and Sarah? Why did Sarah laugh when she heard what they had to say?
When Mercy Seasons Justice

When Mercy Seasons Justice

Parashat Vayera is about a tense and dramatic conversation between God and Abraham about the destruction of Sodom.