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Bright Wings

Bright Wings

Parashat Haazinu is the poem that Moshe sings to the people of Israel before he delivers his deathbed blessing, discussing bright wings.
The Aromatic Smokescreen

The Aromatic Smokescreen

Our parashah contains the Ten Commandments, as well as instructions for preparing the Ketoret, the incense offered in the Tabernacle.
The Baby in the Brick

The Baby in the Brick

Our parashah describes a puzzling episode, following the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai when elders of Israel envision God.

What are the Shavuot Torah Readings About?

Rabbi Mitch Berkowitz explains the meaning of the Torah passages that we read on Shavuot and the connection to revelation and the harvest.
image of mount sinai at sunset with the words: Questions of Revelation: A Poem

Questions of Revelation: A Poem

Rabbi Suzanne Brody shares her poem that embraces a variety of midrashim about what happened at Sinai when we received the Torah.
Mountain with fog and the words: Revelation: A Poem

Revelation: A Poem

Yakira Keshet offers a poem to commemorate Shavuot, her journey to Judaism, and the presence of our souls at Mount Sinai.
Image of mountains with the words What is Shavuot about?

What is Shavuot about?

Like Sukkot and Passover, Shavuot is a multi-dimensional holiday, embracing profound historical, spiritual, and agricultural aspects.