• Rabbi Suzanne Brody

    Rabbi Suzanne Brody is the Director of Education and Youth Programming at Temple Beth-El in Ithaca, NY. She is a graduate of Wellesley College, has a PhD in neuroscience, and received rabbinic ordination from the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles, CA in 2012. In addition to her more scholarly work and her participation in on the Rabbinical Assembly’s Committee on Jewish Laws and Standards, Suzanne is the author of five books of poetry, Dancing in the White Spaces, Etz Chayim She: Modern Poems Grown from Ancient Texts, Mermaid Tears, Lunch with Rav Dimi, and Unearthed.

Elul’s Shofar: A Poem

Elul’s Shofar: A Poem

Elul's shofar blasts daily remind us of all we need to do to prepare spiritually for the upcoming holidays and the start of the new ...
image of mount sinai at sunset with the words: Questions of Revelation: A Poem

Questions of Revelation: A Poem

Rabbi Suzanne Brody shares her poem that embraces a variety of midrashim about what happened at Sinai when we received the Torah.