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Why I Love Tefillin

Why I Love Tefillin

Rabbi Lauren Tuchman writes "Why I Love Tefillin" and explores how all people can wear tefillin, based on her own experience.
Dinah: An Unexpected Trans Story

Dinah: An Unexpected Trans Story

Based on rabbinic midrash from tractate Berakhot, Dinah can be read either as a trans woman or, as this piece argues, a closeted trans man.

What Prompts Change in Our Liturgy?

Changes in liturgy are born out of changes in the theological and historical life of a people, both the individual and the community.
Parashat Vayeshev Study Guide: It's All in The Telling

Study Guide: It’s All in The Telling

Study guide for Parashat Vayeshev, following the story surrounding Joseph and his interaction with his master's wife.
Mountain with fog and the words: Revelation: A Poem

Revelation: A Poem

Yakira Keshet offers a poem to commemorate Shavuot, her journey to Judaism, and the presence of our souls at Mount Sinai.