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Alcohol and Kosher Supervision

What alcohol requires a hechsher or kosher supervision? It largely depends on the process by which they are made and the ingredients used.
The Secrets of Tu Bishvat

The Secrets of Tu Bishvat

A Tu Bishvat secret: If managed carefully, the seven species can go a long way to keeping a person fed for a whole year.
Blurry image of candlesticks, challah, and a kiddush cup with the words: Friday Night Shabbat at Home

Friday Night Shabbat at Home

Friday night Shabbat at home includes blessings over children, the song Shalom Aleichem, kiddush, and the blessing over bread, the motzi.
Blurry image of havdalah set with the words: Havdalah: An Overview

Havdalah: An Overview

Havdalah, the concluding ceremony for Shabbat, serves as a dramatic reminder of the beauty and emotional power of Judaism.