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The Perpetual Flame

The Perpetual Flame

Parashat Tzav teaches us that in those moments when we don’t feel we have anything to offer, we offer nonetheless.
Parashat Tetzaveh Study Guide: Whose Light Is It?

Study Guide: Whose Light Is It?

This week's study guide follows the concept of light used in the Mishkan, as compared with the light in the creation of the world.
Nothing But Radish Oil

Nothing But Radish Oil

This week’s parashah opens with God’s instructions to Moshe concerning the oil used for lighting the Menorah in the Mishkan.
Parashat Miketz Haftarah: Golden Bowls and Grand Concepts

Golden Bowls and Grand Concepts

In making sense of details we begin to construct the grander concept and we realize we are in the presence of something bigger.
DIY Hanukkah and the Potato Menorah

DIY Hanukkah and the Potato Menorah

DIY Hanukkah: My custom of making a potato menorah and why DIY Judaica can provide a crucial connection to Judaism.
Liturgy on Ḥanukkah

Liturgical Changes on Hanukkah

Liturgy on Hanukkah includes Hallel and additions to the Amidah. There are also special Torah readings, maftirs, and haftarot.
The Menorah

What is The Menorah?

The central mitzvah of Ḥanukkah is the lighting of the menorah at home and in the synagogue. This brings light to the darker winter months. ...
Hanukkah Candle Lighting

How to light the Hanukkah Candles

Read here for the procedure for lighting candles for Hanukkah. This includes the blessings, song ideas, and order for lighting candles.