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Fury and Fermentation: A Hasidic Teaching for Pesach

Fury and Fermentation

Learn about fury and fermentation, the concept that our anger could be spiritual hametz during Pesach and all year-round.
In the Name of All of Israel

In the Name of All of Israel

Building on ideas of Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev and Maimonides - Avraham showed us a path to repair even in the darkest of times.
Moshe's Memoir

Moshe’s Memoir

Deuteronomy presents an interesting paradox to the literary reader of the Bible in the form of Moshe's memoir.

Fair Prices: A Jewish Perspective

The Mishnah defines the fair price of an item, such that the seller earn a fair price, while not defrauding the buyer.

Creating a Sacred Physical Space

Halakhah demands that we invoke God’s name in prayer only in settings that are worthy of the sacred enterprise of prayer.