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How to recite Kiddush on Rosh Hashanah (even on Shabbat)

On Rosh Hashanah, we recite a special kiddush blessing that marks the moment. On Shabbat and Saturday nights, there are special inclusions.


Ne’ilah is an additional service, recited only at the conclusion of Yom Kippur. It signifies the sealing of the Book of Life.
Blurry image of a havdalah set with a hand reflecting off of the candle with the words: Super Simple Guide: How to do Havdalah

Super Simple Guide: How to Do Havdalah

This is a super simple guide on how to do the ritual of Havdalah including the blessings in Hebrew, English, and Transliteration.
blurry image of a backyard at night with the words Havdalah Solo: My (Slightly Awkward) Spiritual Self-Care

Havdalah Solo: My (Slightly Awkward) Spiritual Self-Care

My Havdalah candle, wine, spices, and I did my own Havdalah ceremony all alone in my backyard. It was my own form of spiritual self-care.
Blurry image of havdalah set with the words: Havdalah: An Overview

Havdalah: An Overview

Havdalah, the concluding ceremony for Shabbat, serves as a dramatic reminder of the beauty and emotional power of Judaism.