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What is a Tu Bishvat Seder?

Tu Bishvat is a holiday rooted in the Mishnah Rosh Hashanah 1:1 which outlines the four new years in the Jewish calendar. Tu Bishvat is the “new years for the trees” or the “birthday of the trees” providing a singular date each year to measure how old each tree is. This was done for the purpose of what obligations farmers would have to bring their tithes to the Temple.

Over the centuries, it took on more mystical meanings and a “seder” was created to celebrate the holiday. Borrowing the model of the haggadah from Passover, the Tu Bishvat Seder provides a structured way to engage with Tu Bishvat.

In 5784, as we grapple with the ongoing conflict in Israel against Hamas and a time of great destruction and devastation in the world, a special seder has been developed.

This special haggadah, by Masorti Israel, focuses on the repair we aspire and hope to actualize in this world.

Praying for blossoming, growth, and prosperity to come out of this great brokenness.

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