10 Reasons Shavuot Might Be Your New Favorite Holiday

10 Reasons Shavuot Might Be Your New Favorite Holiday

Shavuot is an amazing holiday and there are so many reasons to love it. Here are 10 great reasons that Shavuot might be your favorite holiday.

1. We get to choose Judaism on this holiday.

One of the main characters and archetypes that we learn from is Ruth, the first individual who chose/converted/affirmed her Jewish faith. This holiday asks each of us to choose our Jewish spiritual life as ours.

2. Late-night learning.

You get to channel your inner-night owl, drink some fantastic coffee and stay up all night to learn. There is nothing better or more Jewish than that. 

3. Cheesecake.

Did somebody say cheesecake? For those who crave their dairy, or are vegetarian, this holiday gives reason to bring out the lactose intolerant pills and enjoy. Yum!

4. Connecting with something bigger.

We remember our connection to something larger than ourselves, that each of us, whether we were born into this or chose this, stood at Mt. Sinai together long ago and took in the covenantal words that still hold today.

5. Diversity.

It is a celebration of what Judaism is, a mixed multitude of people who bring their brilliance to the wisdom tradition that we love. We get to celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

6. The Gift of Torah.

Torah is what holds us together, and it is the most impactful narrative of all time. We get to celebrate this gift on this holiday.

7. Shavuot is Counter-Cultural.

Shavuot is one of the least observed holidays, so if you are counter-cultural and are looking to set a new trend- this is the holiday to lean into. 

8. Bringing in the Bread.

For all those interested in sourdough starting, this is an ancient wheat festival! So, in essence, we celebrate the grain that brings us together as we break bread together. 

9. First Fruits.

Who doesn’t love a good fruit celebration? We would pick our first fruit and take it to the Temple in ancient times while dancing and singing. Why not pick our fruit today and dance and sing in the streets? 

10. Springtime!

Shavuot is a gorgeous springtime festival. We used to honor this time and decorate our homes and spiritual spaces with flowers and artwork. For those into aesthetic design, you, too, can bring this tradition back into your space.


  • Tova Leibovic-Douglas (she/her) is a Rabbi, spiritual counselor, educator, speaker, co-podcaster of Not Your Jewish Mother and consultant based in Los Angeles. She has created, developed and implemented programs for many communities, including: Community Mikveh at American Jewish University, Beit T'shuvah, Ikar, Miller Introduction to Judaism Program, NuRoots, Sinai Temple and Camp Ramah. Tova believes that each of us is a unique holy soul and is determined to build a world where everyone knows this truth and feels a sense of belonging. Most recently her company, Unique Holy Souls has developed virtual spiritual care Jewish content and circles. She received her BA in Jewish Gender Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary and a BA in Art History from Columbia University. Tova is also an Education Specialist and worked as a resource specialist before attending Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, where she earned her MA and ordination in 2018. Tova and her husband, Austin, are parents of Eve Meora and Nora Zahava, who teach them the art of living in the moment. She is a proud work-in-progress.

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