• Rachel Packer

    Rachel’s combined experience in Jewish education and wellness is what makes her Jewish Wellness Programs/presentations so exciting! They are a holistic model where one is able to explore the pillars of health and wellness through a Jewish lens. Her wellness company, MatzoBall Fitness- specializes in Jewish Wellness programming, along with onsite/virtual wellness consulting. She is a well-known freelance writer specializing in health and wellness topics such as autoimmune issues and food allergies. Rachel is a published children’s book author. Her picture book Sky High Sukkah was published in 2016 and was a PJ Library selection. For info on Jewish Wellness programs: contact Rachel at or go to You can also find allergen-free and holiday recipes on her YouTube Channel-Because I Said So-Cooking for You.

blurry background of a grocery store with the words freedom and food allergies

Freedom and Food Allergies

How is one with food allergies supposed to feel free when they can’t partake in the matzo balls, charoset, cake, or anything else?