• Eric M. Leiderman

    Rabbi Eric Leiderman (he/they) is an award-winning community builder and Jewish educator with over a dozen years of expertise working with youth and emerging adults. He is the Midwest Regional Director of IsraelLINK, President & co-founder of Masorti on Campus, and serves on several boards of directors of national Jewish nonprofits. Eric grew up in the New York Metropolitan Area and has spent significant time in several North American Jewish communities and Israel. He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, with his family.

Embracing Kitniyot on Passover

Embracing Kitniyot on Passover

This essay advocates for Ashkenazi Jews to embrace kitniyot on Passover, to enhance dietary diversity and align with modern interpretations.
blurry zoom meeting with the words How to Make your Zoom Seder not Suck

How to Make your Zoom Seder not Suck

Hosting a Zoom seder is not just putting a webcam on your seder plate. These tips will ensure your guests won’t succumb to Zoom fatigue.