• Atty Garfinkel-Berry

    "Atty Garfinkel-Berry, MBA began her position as the Hillel Solo Professional for Hillel of Northern Nevada in Reno, Nevada in the summer of 2017; a position she will be leaving at the conclusion of this academic year in favor of another Hillel position. Prior to coming to Reno from Sacramento, California Atty owned and ran a kosher catering business in both Sacramento and in southern California and has previously worked for a local Jewish Federation in southern California as well as time as an interim assistant director for a small ADL Regional office. In her non existent spare time Atty likes to camp with her children, make besamim bags as gifts, and on occasion write. "

blurry image of dishes and the words The Important Thing That Keeps our Family “Doing Jewish”

The Important Thing That Keeps our Family “Doing Jewish”

The most important thing to teach the next generation is how to make a seder, including what comes before the festival candles are even lit.