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Parashat Ki Tisa: On Relationships with God and Other Human Beings

On Relationships with God and Other Human Beings

Ilana Sandberg (JTS RS '24) explores parashat Ki Tisa and speaks on relationships with God and other human beings.
Parashat Mishpatim: The Torah of Disorienting Moments

The Torah of Disorienting Moments

Talia Kaplan (JTS RS '24) explores parashat Mishpatim and the Torah of disorienting moments, reflecting on her rabbinical school experience.
How to Forgive

How to Forgive (Kol Nidrei)

When the time of Yom Kippur is upon us, we talk a lot about forgiveness. Saying "sorry" is easy—how do we forgive?
Moshe the Mother

Moshe the Mother

In this week’s parashah, we see a depiction of Moshe the Mother as he pleas with God to enter the land of Israel with the ...
Marriage (and) Vows

Marriage (and) Vows

Our parashah begins with the laws governing oaths and vows. Then the Torah discusses the various types of vows and how they are used.
Moshe's Forced Retirement

Moshe’s Forced Retirement

At the end of the Israelites’ journey in the wilderness, Moshe’s job is terminated prematurely. This explores Moshe's forced retirement.
The Unwanted Gaze

The Unwanted Gaze

In Parashat Balak, the Moabite king Balak hires Bilaam to curse his Israelite neighbors. Bilaam notices the prevention of the unwanted gaze.
Parashat Chukat Studay Guide: Passing Through the Land

Study Guide: Passing Through the Land

The study guide for Parashat Chukat focuses on the Israelites passing through the land and their relationship with other regions.
Parashat Korach Study Guide Do As I Mean, Not As I Say

Study Guide: Do As I Mean, Not As I Say

Korach led a rebellion against Moshe (and Aaron). Ahead of the incense trial, Korach gathers the congregation against Moshe and Aaron.
Given Over to the Heart

Given Over to the Heart

While this week's parashah mainly focuses on shmitah, this Dvar Torah explores a line in the parashah, focusing on how to treat others.
Parashat Vayikra Study Guide: Treachery by Mistake

Study Guide: Treachery by Mistake

This week's study guide focuses on two words, ma'al and me'ilah, and what it means, both literally and in terms of this week's parashah.
In God's Shadow

In God’s Shadow

Parashat Pekudei describes the construction of the Mishkan in accordance with the specific instructions given by God to Moshe.
Life exists in relation

Life Exists in Relation

If we try to look past the tangible, if we focus on the other, in relationship, we can come to see the Divine, even if ...
Study Guide: Tabula Rasa?

Study Guide: Tabula Rasa?

The study guide for Parashat Yitro discusses the Ten Commandments and the relationships between fathers and children.
Parashat Vayigash Haftarah: Reversals


Parashat Vayigash continues a long narrative of sibling relationships. The reconciliation focused on here, reflects in this week's haftarah.
Parashat Vayishlach Haftarah: Compassionate Fantasies

Compassionate Fantasies

In the haftarah for Vayishlach, from the Book of Obadiah, we read the story of God rebuking the nation of Edom, rather than Israel.

A Spiritual Exercise

After leaving his father's home, Jacob dreams of God and experiences prayer for the first time. Learn about living in dialogue with God.

Men Count the Stars, Women are From Venus

Parashat Lech Lecha depicts an acute marital crisis between Abraham and Sarah that occurs at a particularly difficult moment in their lives.
Why Do We Ask for Forgiveness in Elul?

Why Do We Ask for Forgiveness in Elul?

Asking for forgiveness not only cultivates empathy and humility, but it provides an opportunity for renewal.