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Moshe the Mother

Moshe the Mother

In this week’s parashah, we see a depiction of Moshe the Mother as he pleas with God to enter the land of Israel with the Israelites.

The Textual Foundations of Honoring One’s Parents

The Rabbis explain that honoring one’s parents is to be understood essentially as an act of worshiping God.

Jewish Obligations of Parents to Children

When speaking about family, there is a wide variety of opinions and also a variety of obligations of parents, situations and relationships.

Parashat Bamidbar Haftarah: Missing Mothers

Missing Mothers

The haftarah for Parashat Bamidbar is taken from the Book of Hosea and explores the concept of missing mothers.

Study Guide: Tabula Rasa?

Study Guide: Tabula Rasa?

The study guide for Parashat Yitro discusses the Ten Commandments and the relationships between fathers and children.