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Birkat Yeladim: Blessing Children

Birkat Yeladim: Blessing Children

Read more on how to preform Birkat Yeladim, the blessing over our children, and where the blessing and practice come from.
Understanding the Jewish Call to Sustainability

Understanding The Jewish Call To Sustainability

Understanding the Jewish call to sustainability is rooted in a new category of mitzvot: bein adam l'adamah, between the self and the Earth.
The Mitzvah of Environmental Sustainability

The Mitzvah of Environmental Sustainability

What does Judaism say about environmental sustainability? Yishuv Ha'olam is the mitzvah to build and maintain a sustainable world.
Bright Wings

Bright Wings

Parashat Haazinu is the poem that Moshe sings to the people of Israel before he delivers his deathbed blessing, discussing bright wings.
Parashat Eikev Study Guide: Food or Famine? Up to Us?

Study Guide: Food or Famine? Up to Us?

The study guide for parashat Eikev explores the Shema and the mitzvot mandated by the sacred prayer, such as mezuzot and tefillin.
A Conduit of Blessing

A Conduit of Blessing

In this parashah, Moshe prepares the people for their entry into Israel, extolling the conduit of blessing that they are about to conquer.

The Textual Foundations of Honoring One’s Parents

The Rabbis explain that honoring one’s parents is to be understood essentially as an act of worshiping God.
Spies and Tzitzit: Camela and Death

Spies and Tzitzit: Camels and Death

Our parashah is bookended by the story of the spies and tzitzit. This leads to a discussion on the obligation of mitzvot.
Parashat Bechukotai Study Guide The Vessel of Blessings

Study Guide: The Vessel of Blessings

The study guide for Bechukotai explores how "peace" is used in this week's parashah, as well as the commentary surrounding this.