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Three Types of Prohibited Speech According to Jewish Law

It is largely agreed upon that the types of speech encompassed by the biblical prohibition fall into three categories of increasing severity.

When Does Jewish Law Say We Are Permitted to Talk About Others

Lashon hara I’to·elet are those occasions when it is permissible, or even required, to speak about other people.

Biblical Texts Addressing Gossip

Human beings have been given the divine power of speech to enable our participation in the ongoing work of sustaining God’s creation.

Does Prohibited Speech Apply to the Internet?

As online communication becomes more complicated and sophisticated, so too do the laws governing defamatory speech.
Given Over to the Heart

Given Over to the Heart

While this week's parashah mainly focuses on shmitah, this Dvar Torah explores a line in the parashah, focusing on how to treat others.
Parashat Emor Study Guide: Sticks and Stones?

Study Guide: Sticks and Stones?

This week's study guide focuses on the curse of a person accused of violence. Discuss blasphemy versus blessing in this context.
Parashat Metzora Study Guide: When Walls Speak

Study Guide: When Walls Speak

The study guide for this week's parashah, Meztora, discusses the impact that tzaraat has on the physical objects it touches.
One Mouth Per Person

One Mouth Per Person

The dangers of inappropriate speech are connected to the parashah, Metzora, the person stricken with leprosy.