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Tu B’Av: Finding Joy and Love During The Mournful Summer

Tu B’Av: Finding Love and Joy During The Mournful Summer

What is Tu B'Av and why is it a time to find love and joy during the mournful summer? It comes between Tisha B'Av and ...
Parashat Behar Study Guide: For the Land is Mine

Study Guide: For the Land is Mine

The study guide for Behar focuses on the concept of Shmitah, the rest year, and the language used to refer to it.
The Arba•ah Minim

Lulav and Etrog: The Four Species

Besides dwelling in a sukkah, the other significant mitzvah of Sukkot is the taking up of the arba·ah minim, literally “the four species.”
Sukkot at Home

Sukkot at Home

While celebrating Sukkot at home, rituals include lighting candles, sitting in the sukkah, and customs related to the sukkah.
Sukkot in the Synagogue

Sukkot in the Synagogue

On the mornings of Sukkot, Shacharit and Musaf follow the standard festival format. The lulav and etrog should be shaken.
Sh'mini Atzeret

What is Sh’mini Atzeret?

The final two days of Sukkot are a totally separate holiday called Sh'mini Atzeret. Liturgy includes Yizkor and the prayer for rain.
Rituals of Sukkot

Rituals of Sukkot

Sukkot, one of the shalosh r’galim, the three pilgrimage festivals is celebrated five days after Yom Kippur.
Image of mountains with the words What is Shavuot about?

What is Shavuot about?

Like Sukkot and Passover, Shavuot is a multi-dimensional holiday, embracing profound historical, spiritual, and agricultural aspects.