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The Rabbis' Boogeyman: Learning About Forgiveness

The Rabbis’ Boogeyman: Learning About Forgiveness

What can we learn about forgiveness from the Rabbis' boogeyman? Esau is that boogeyman but we can learn from his relationship with Jacob.
Parashat Shoftim Study Guide: Go Home!

Study Guide: Go Home!

This week's study guide looks at the preparations made before going to war and the considerations that must be taken into account.
Parashat Balak Study Guide: My Land or My Resources?

Study Guide: My Land or My Resources?

The study guide for Parashat Balak continues the discussion of a concept in the study guide for Parashat Chukat, about passing through land.

What Does the Month of Iyar Have to Do with Healing?

Iyar and healing refer not just to a named ailment, but overall wellness and health both internally and externally.