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What is Exploring Judaism? is about embracing the beauty and complexity of Judaism and our personal search for meaning and learning. No matter who you are or your experience in Judaism there is something to learn and explore.

This site is intended to be an ever-growing collection of resources, viewpoints, and journeys through Judaism while celebrating our commitment to balance.

  • Tradition AND Modernity
  • Particularism AND Universalism
  • Ideals AND Lived Experience
  • Individuality AND Community

So, what do we have on
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What kind of content is on here?

Our goal is to provide content based on three core questions:
Meaning-Making (Why?), Practical Living (How?), and Explainers (What?).

Here are some examples:

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These are explainers.

These articles are all about explaining an idea, a practice, or a ritual.

These are about the practical aspects of Judaism.

These articles are all about helping you navigate the complex practical issues in Judaism.

These articles are meaning makers.

These articles are all about drawing wisdom from the Tradition and finding meaning in what we do.

What else?

This just scratches the surface of the kinds of Torah we have on the website. You can browse using the menu, use the search, look for a holiday, or look for a specific author!