Purim is one of the most celebratory holidays in the Jewish calendar.

On this holiday we read the book of Esther, Megillat Esther, celebrate with food, gifts, and constumes.

When is Purim in 2024? It begins in the evening on March 23rd, 2024, through March 24th, 2024, on the fourteenth day of the month of Adar.

What is the Fast of Esther in 2024? The fast begins at dawn and ends at night on Thursday, March 21st, 2024.

Support Masorti in Israel and Perform Two Purim Mitzvot!

As the war of Hamas against Israel continues, we come together to support our Conservative/Masorti Movement and our kehillot (congregations) in Israel with unwavering solidarity and unity to proclaim our love and pride as Jews.  

Your donation today to the Masorti Foundation will support our Conservative/Masorti communities and our siblings in Israel as they celebrate Purim during the ongoing war. 

We have two very special opportunities for Purim. The first is to fulfill the mitzvah of Mishloach Manot (food gifts) and you can designate your donation to send a gift to IDF lone soldiers, those brave men and women who made aliyah and don’t have family locally. 

The second is to fulfill the mitzvah of Matanot L’Evyonim, giving gifts to those in need. Our Masorti congregation Ma’ayanot is distributing these gifts to families who remain evacuated from southern Israel after the terror attacks of October 7th.  

Please use this link to participate in these mitzvot of Purim and to send love and support to Israel to help strengthen our Masorti communities during these difficult days. 

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